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Full details of this conference are available in the attached Conference Brochure & the Call for Abstracts

A.C. Joshi, Library, Panjab University, Chandigarh (India) and the London School of
Management Education (LSME), UK, are jointly organising the above mentioned
International Conference.

Click here to view: Full details of this conference are available in the attached Conference Brochure & the Call for Abstracts

  Dated: 03/06/2016
1. 08/08/2022Library Membership (Students of Certificate, Diploma, U.G. & P.G. Classes only) for the session 2022-2023.
2. 27/07/2022Recommendation of Books
3. 18/07/2022About Earn While One Learn Scheme
4. 13/06/2022Regarding Earn While One Learn Scheme
5. 16/05/2022Earn While One Learns Scheme 2022-23
6. 12/04/2022Quotation for Operation and Maintenance of A C Plant of the Library for the financial year 2022-2023.
8. 21/10/2021Vigilance Awareness Week Web Event - 26th October 2021 at 3.00 p.m.
9. 21/06/2021Effective Utilization of Punjab University eLibrary, Powered by Knimbus on June 23, 2021
10. 17/06/2021Regarding re-open the Departmental libraries
11. 16/06/2021Re-opening of departmental libraries
12. 06/05/2021Launch of Panjab University eLibrary 7th May, 2021 at 12 noon
13. 22/03/2021Library Opening Hours
14. 15/02/2021CREDO For Academic Institutions
15. 15/02/2021The New & Improved Bloom's Literature
16. 12/02/2021Webinar for blooms literature and CREDO reference-
17. 12/02/2021Trial Access for CUP
18. 18/12/2020Library User Awareness WebEx Training session on December 28, 2020
19. 27/11/2020Library User Awareness WebEx Training Session
21. 17/06/2020Online Learning and Teaching: Issue and Trends
22. 02/06/2020AC Joshi Library is organising Turnitin (Plagiarism Detection Software) Training on June 8, 2020 at 11 AM
23. 25/02/2020Workshop invitation to be held on 26-02-2020
24. 05/02/2020Revised date for Earn While You Learn Scheme
25. 17/09/2019Screening process of the Scheme "Earn While You Learn" on 19th Sept. 2019
26. 09/09/2019Earn While You Learn
27. 06/09/2019Earn While One Learn
28. 06/09/2019Earn While One Learn
29. 30/08/2019Library will remain closed from 6.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. on 06.09.2019 due to counting process
30. 09/08/2019Date Extend of Earn While You Learn Scheme upto 20.08.2019
31. 31/07/2019Copy of Circular sent to all the Teaching Deptt. regarding Guidelines for submission of Digital Copy (CD) of Thesis to the A.C. Joshi Library
32. 29/07/2019Guidelines for Submission of Digital Copy (CD) of Thesis to A.C. Joshi Library
33. 29/07/2019Thesis Metadata Form
34. 29/07/2019Student Approval form for Electronic Thesis Submission
35. 09/07/2019Notice - Earn While One Learn
36. 16/11/2017Book Exhibition-cum-sale from 14th 18th November, 2017
37. 03/02/2017Notice Inviting Quotation for furniture
38. 27/10/2016Book Fair 2016 quotation
39. 11/08/2016Regarding details of International Conference dt. 12-13 August, 2016
40. 03/06/2016Full details of this conference are available in the attached Conference Brochure & the Call for Abstracts .
41. 20/04/2016Regarding Launching Ceremony of Digitized Doctoral Theses on Shodhganga Repository in A.C. Joshi Library on 21.4.2016
42. 08/02/2016Orientation-cum-Training Programme on URKUND on 10th February, 2016
43. 03/02/2016Installation of CCTV Surveillance System(30 Approx.) Technical Specification of CCTV cameras
44. 01/01/2016Request to send email ids of all the faculty members for "URKUND" anti plagiarism software
45. 18/11/2015Quotation for installation of Water Purifier in A.C. Joshi Library
46. 01/10/2015Digitization of theses and Implementation of Digital Document Management System at A.C. Joshi Library, Panjab University, Chandigarh
47. 06/04/201560th ILA International Conference (Diamond Jubilee) on 8-10 April, 2015
48. 16/03/2015Quotation for operation & maintenance of A C Plant of the Library for the financial year 2015-16

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